Za'atar is the future of flavor! 


A burst of Mediterranean magic with every meal. 







Re-evaluate the cheeseburger. 


Mediterranean Style. 

Get hip to Za'atar!  


Your cheeseboard and guests will thank you.  

Za'atar Crusted Salmon!


Flavor Delivered. We Guarantee It.  

Za'atar Cheese Tortellini! 


Dinner in 30 minutes. No Leftovers. 

Zesty Z was launched in 2016 by mother-son duo, Lorraine and Alexander Harik, and is based in Brooklyn, New York. Alexander learned as a child that FOOD IS LOVE! As he grew older, Alexander longed.... Read more
Zesty Z™ is a healthy condiment that adds bold Mediterranean flavor to any meal. Let us help you make better lifestyle and food choices! When you use Zesty Z, you'll be enjoying a plant based... Read more