Zesty Z: The Za'atar Co.


We're Introducing America to Za'atar!


Za'atar is a Middle Eastern herb mix made from thyme that's native to the region. It's considered a food staple in the Middle East just like hummus, yogurt, and olive oil. It's flavors and uses are gaining momentum within the food community, being referenced by chefs, restaurants, and publications. Just google Za'atar and see for yourself! 


Our first product is a versatile "super spread" which acts as a condiment and/or spread. Enjoy awesome, yet guilt free, Mediterranean flavor at any meal. 


We believe the market is ready for a new flavor and brand. Za'atar is the flavor, Zesty Z is the brand. 


The mother/son duo, Lorraine and Alexander Harik, founded Zesty Z in 2016.