Zesty Z is a must-have condiment says Epicurious!

Zesty Z the must-have condiment for Epicurious


Anna Stockwell, Senior Food Editor at Epicurious, is hip to za’atar! She says Zesty Z is a must-have condiment, and we couldn’t be more honored!

“I’m a sucker for pretty-labeled jars of artisanal condiments. But often I’ll bring them home, try them once, and then leave them in my fridge until they expire. Zesty Z, however, is different. Since I spotted it on the shelf of my favorite local butcher shop a few months ago I’ve already gone back for another jar. I even have a jar for my desk at work now. I can’t get enough of the stuff.

It’s a simple condiment really: za’atar in olive oil, and that’s it. Za’atar is a traditional spice blend used across the Middle East, usually made up of thyme, oregano, sumac, and sesame seeds. But as Alexander Harik, co-founder of Zesty Z. (with his mom, Lorraine Harik) reminded me, “not all za’atar is equal.” Everyone has their own ratios, and some remove or add additional spices. Naturally, Harik thinks his mom’s recipe, a third-generation family recipe from Lebanon, is the best. And that’s the za’atar recipe they use to make Zesty Z, so honestly I might have to agree.”

The #ZestyHustle continues and we won’t stop until we introduce America to za’atar. Thanks to the help of Anna and Epicurious, we’re one step closer to realizing that goal!

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