Mediterranean French Fries That’ll Make You Say…WOW!

Whether you enjoy them fried, baked, waffle, or crinkle cut – everybody loves french fries! Ketchup is played out and processed with artificial sugars. Use Zesty Z as a condiment and check out our pairing for Mediterranean french fries!

If you decide to add feta, and you should, remember it’s a type of cheese that doesn’t “melt” in the traditional sense. When heated, the cheese gets warm and softer. Customers love Mediterranean french fries, it’s one of our most popular pairings. Feel free to make your own french fries at home or purchase them from your favorite restaurant or grocery store. One customer told us he went to McDonalds, came home, and #GotZesty!

Mediterranean French Fries

Photo Credit: K. Turro


Mediterranean French Fries That Make You Say...WOW!
  • French fries
  • ½ cup crumbled feta
  • ½ cup chopped fresh parsley
  • Zesty Z
  1. You know what to do...Get Zesty!


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  1. […] Here is where I met Zesty Z‘s owners, Alexander Harik and his mother. They were extremely passionate about Zesty Z and I fell in love with this Mediterranean Za’atar spread and condiment. For taste, he paired a cracker with cheese and the condiment–it was beautiful. I couldn’t help but buy a jar for it was inexpensive as well–it was only $10! You can find recipes with Zesty Z online, which I think I will try this. […]

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